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With over 11 years of experience, One Source Talent been a very important service for the modeling/acting industries. OST has created an unmatched database of entertainers and clients that are searching to fulfill all types of requests. Their main goal is to create low cost, relationships with their talent and clients via their huge network.

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Gary J - Detroit Talent

I sent my pictures to One Source Talent and got a call back a later and I met with them that night. They said I had great potential and that they wanted to meet with me again the next day. I met with them and signed up with OST that day and now they are helping me reach my goal of becoming a model! Thanks OST for telling that I have great potential! I can't wait to see what comes next!


Tiffany L - New York Talent

My first day walking into One Source I felt so overwhelmed. There was so many beautiful people there.. I thought I didn’t have a chance in the world. After being there a while, coaching myself to just be me, I was feeling alot better about myself. I was asked to come back a second time, and at that point I was thrilled. When I returned my second time around they asked me to join OST, and now I'm just really looking forward to meeting other talented people, and doing what I love to do. Thank you One Source.


Alex Z - Chicago Talent

For years I have been going to model searches; basically everytime I heard something on the radio or seen something in the paper I was there, hoping this one would be my big break, but it never was. I always heard the same thing," if you give us $1000 here and $1000 there we may possibly be able to help you." After so long of not getting any where I started to let the thought of becoming a successful model behind. A few months ago I decided to give one source talent a try and went in for an interview. Now I’m officially a part of One Source and can't wait to get working. So look forward to seeing me in the near future..


Payton S - Miami Talent

I have been with One Source Talent for a little over a year now, and no unlike most people I haven’t been on any popular shows, however I have been called in alot more recently. I have been going for casting calls depending on my parents' schedules. Welcome everyone to OST! I love this company and I hope you do too!